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****Special Webinars With YOBSN Owner David Martin****

I have recordings of both webinars put on by David Martin and the team from corporate about what is new and what will be happening soon with YOBSN. If you want to share in the excitement and get the real vision for this company then take the time to listen!

Webinar 1

Webinar 2

So glad you could stop by if you are looking for more information about our great opportunity then you have come to the right place.

I think the more you look at what we have to offer the more you are going to be impressed!

I think the picture above poses a great question….  “What Is YOBSN?”

Well it offers so much value a few words can’t sum it up…

So let’s begin with this list:

  • A Social Network Like Facebook Or Twitter
  • A Mobile App
  • An Online And Mobile Games Hub
  • An Online Education Center
  • A Shopping Portal
  • A Place To Brand And Advertise Your Business
  • A Family Friendly Entertainment Center
  • A Business Opportunity


And so much more but these are the major points I want to share now.

Ok so let’s begin with a series of videos that I created to help clarify what YOBSN is and some of the great features that we have to offer. Let’s get started below. 

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What Is YOBSN?

YOBSN Mobile
Everyone knows the world is going mobile you only have to watch any group of people and you can see that people are glued to their mobile phones now think about if you could monetize that?
What  if you could make money every time got on their phone and used an app?
Have you used your Facebook app today? What if you got paid every time someone did?
This is totally possible with our awesome opportunity!!

Mobile and online games are huge! As a matter of fact this one aspect of YOBSN could be a business all by itself!
If you don’t believe me ask the owner of Candy Crush how his bank account is looking right now! The last conservative estimate was that Candy Crush was making $600,000.00 per day on in-game purchases.
Now as a YOBSN owner could you imagine making just a piece of that on a daily basis?
With our revenue sharing program you can and this is just one more way to make money!

YOBSN Global Shopping Experience
Now if your not excited by now maybe you will be after this.  What if you had access to an online shopping portal that had over 800,000,000 products for you to choose from?
Well here is a better question what if you could introduce people to this portal and when they bought any of the items from your portal you got paid? Please watch the video for more information:

So let’s recap what we have went over in this YOBSN Review.
( And please feel free to visit other pages on this site for more information about our revenue sharing program and other features we have to offer.)
1. YOBSN is a social network like Facebook you can connect with people and share things like you can there.
2. Our mobile app will allow you to connect to the social network from your mobile device.
3. We have world class online and mobile games plus lot’s of other cool features.
4. You can get paid when people use the system to network, shop, play games or whatever else they do online.

Here’s some history of YOBSN and it’s developer Smart Media…

History Of YOBSN And Smart Media

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I hope you have enjoyed this YOBSN review if you have any questions we would love to get them answered for you and we will be continually updating this page and others to give you more information and reviews about YOBSN and our awesome products please leave your comments or questions below!

YOBSN: Special Webinar With YOBSN CEO David Martin!

CLICK HERE! http://yobsnmoney.com

Awesome webinar with the owner and CEO of YOBSN David Martin.

If you want to learn more about the incredible technology and people behind this company and why YOBSN will be a household name then please take the time to listen.

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