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So What Is YOBSN??

YOBSN Is A Social Network Introduce People To Your Social Network That Truly Brands You And Your Business.

YOBSN Is A Gaming Company Creating Online And Mobile Games Our Owners Can Share And Make Potential Earnings.

YOBSN Is A Business Branding And Online Advertising Medium Brand And Advertise Your Business Using Our Exclusive Technology.

YOBSN Is A Great Business Opportunity To Share With Others Build A Business With A Proven Company.

Let's Look At The YOBSN Business Opportunity:

No Business Is Successful Without Work!

Let's look at the opportunity and some industry stats.

First we have products we can introduce people to for
free and create income streams. YOBSN Mobile App Pic

That's one aspect of what we do by sharing great games introducing people to the social network and other products we offer.

How is money made sharing games?

With in-game purchases.

These are purchases made playing a game to either help level up, get more energy or object or tool to get further in the game. Let's look at some of the industries big names to give you some idea: 

(Disclaimer: I'm in no way promising you will earn this kind of revenue or that our games do as well.)

  1. Candy Crush: Makes anywhere from half million to one million PER DAY with this type of revenue.
  2. Clash Of Clans: Is taking this year by storm reporting up to one million to 2.5 million PER DAY with in game purchases.

As YOBSN owners we earn 25% of our free network's in game purchases and 25% of the people's on our teams.

This goes for the social network as well there are revenue sharing aspects attached to it as well.

Now let's look at the business building side of our program..

How Else Can We Earn With The YOBSN Business Opportunity??
A Quick Overview Of Other Income Streams..

Direct Bonus: Introduce People To YOBSN They Join Your Organization And You Earn Payments Of $20,$25,$50 Or $150 Gives You The Opportunity To Recoup Your Initial Investment.

Team Bonus: Growing Your Team Can Result In Bonuses For The Volume Created Payments Of $25 To $50 Are Possible Everytime Your Volume Gets To The Required Levels. 

Matching Bonus: Earn A Matching Bonus On All Of Your Personally Sponsored Reps And On Their Personally Sponsored Team Bonuses 3 Levels Deep (i.e. One Of Your Personally Sponsored Earns $1000 In Team Bonuses You Would Earn $200).

Star Bonus: With The Right Effort You Could Position Yourself To Earn Star Bonuses Learn More At My Official Company Website By Clicking Opportunity.
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